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Just a little over a week ago, armies clashed in Mississippi. The GCWA Bayou Wars was a GT of just over 40 people who brought some serious lists from across the metaverse. Many competitors fought to the bitter end but only one could possibly come out in first place. That champion was Jeff Biery. The Worthiest Adversary reached out to Jeff was able to get his perspective coming out as a GT winner.

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari – Drukhari) [67 PL, 1115pts] ++ Prophets of Flesh

Haemonculus [5 PL, 74pts]: Agoniser, Splinter Pistol, The Vexator Mask
Urien Rakarth [5 PL, 90pts]: Warlord (Haemonculus)

Wracks [5 PL, 72pts] . 8x Wracks
Wracks [5 PL, 72pts] . 8x Wracks
Wracks [5 PL, 72pts] . 8x Wracks

Grotesques [14 PL, 245pts] . 7x Grotesque: Flesh Gauntlet, Monstrous cleaver
Grotesques [14 PL, 245pts] . 7x Grotesque: Flesh Gauntlet, Monstrous cleaver
Grotesques [14 PL, 245pts] . 7x Grotesque: Flesh Gauntlet, Monstrous cleaver

++ Air Wing Detachment +1CP (Aeldari – Craftworlds) [38 PL, 750pts] ++ Alaitoc

Crimson Hunter Exarch [9 PL, 165pts]: Two Starcannons
Crimson Hunter Exarch [9 PL, 165pts]: Two Starcannons
Hemlock Wraithfighter [10 PL, 210pts]: 4. Protect/Jinx, Spirit Stones
Hemlock Wraithfighter [10 PL, 210pts]: 4. Protect/Jinx, Spirit Stones

++ Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP (Aeldari – Craftworlds) [7 PL, 135pts] ++

Farseer Skyrunner [7 PL, 135pts]: 2. Doom, 6. Mind War, Shuriken Pistol, Twin Shuriken Catapult, Witchblade

++ Total: [112 PL, 2000pts] ++

WA: Quick introduction (name, stomping grounds, started playing 40k, other hobbies or points of interest)

JB: My name is Jeff Biery and I live/play out in Central Florida (Orlando specifically). I’ve started playing Warhammer 40k back in 1998 with the Dark Eldar army and I even still use some of those same models from oh so long ago (although they’ve been stripped and repainted a few times since).

WA: Best placings at a GT and/or Majors event? Playing what army and in what edition?

JB: I haven’t actually played in many GTs or Majors although I have won a lot of RTTs. I think I came in 4th or 5th place at the Crucible 6.5 using my Chaos Space Marines last year though.

GCWA logo

WA: What did you think of the Bayou Wars GT overall?

JB: I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I think they had great terrain out and they did a phenomenal job keeping to their schedule. I definitely plan on attending again next year even though it is a long drive.

WA: Break down your list, how does it work and function in general? (Short summary, in-depth not required unless you want to)

JB: I built my list planning on going second so that I’m not so dependent on the roll-off for first turn. To do that, I made sure each unit that was eligible as a target was surprisingly difficult to remove to give me a head start on the primary kill point mission and to try to stymie a point of Old School when I can. I also rely heavily on my jets for securing secondary points for me as I typically take both Recon and Behind Enemy Lines which is important because sometimes the opponent does not give up many secondary points with their list. Outside of that, it’s a game of attrition with my fast-moving melee units marching up the board and getting more buffs with each passing turn.

WA: What were you preparing for going into the event? Expectations regarding missions and opposing lists?

I built my list expecting to see lots of Shield-Captains on Dawn Eagle Bikes, Necron Destoyers, and Eldar Shining Spears/Dark Reapers. I knew the missions were going to be the ITC Champion Missions so I’ve had lots of practice with those.

WA: Once you got there, what was new or different that you saw but had not anticipated?

JB: I was surprised by how many Tau players were at the event and also Genestealer Cult. There was also a Warhound Titan which I don’t think I’ve ever seen at an event before.

WA: First match up? Against who and what army? Who won and by what margin? Who went first? How did the game play out in general? Anything specific stand out?

JB: First match was against Lio Correa using Astra Miliatarum, Custodes, and an Assassin. I won that game 37-15 by going 2nd and carefully tracking his kills and held objectives to beat them during each of my turns for bonus points. Once I focused down his Custodes units he was hemmed into his backfield and I was able to just control most of the table. What stands out the most to me is the poor guy charging two of my characters with a pair of his custodes bikers only to have them each fail in their attempt to kill my farseer and Urien Rakarth.

WA: Second match up?

JB: Second game was against Carter Leach who was also playing a coven heavy Drukhari army. I won that round by 32-19 again, choosing to go second, so that when he advanced up the table I was able to move up and charge into his lines to strike first. He also struggled to kill many of my units which let me control getting more bonus points at the end of each round and I think the grotesques are just the more efficient option compared to the Talos that Carter was running so they helped me win the brawl in the middle.

WA: Third match up?

JB: Third game was against Will Grant who was playing Genestealer Cult and Tyranids which I won 37-20. I went second in the game and he threw everything he had from infiltrating genestealers to mortars and manticores at one of my units of grotesque however they came just shy of wiping out the unit. This gave me the lead I was hoping for again because I just had to wipe out the genestealers who were now isolated and surrounded by my army starting me off with a strong point lead based on units killed alone. Everything else was a slow march up the table trying to get to his Flyrants while I scored a lot of bonus points which put me too far ahead on points for him to catch up.

All of my opponents were really good players, but more importantly I enjoyed playing against all of them. I didn’t have any negative experiences/interactions with anyone there and I look forward to more games against all of them.

WA: How did you feel at the end of day one, given your positioning? Anything specific you had planned out for your next opponent that morning?

JB: That night I saw my opponent for the 4th round was playing Thousand Sons with Magnus, lots of daemon princes, and plague bearers and honestly I was positive I was going to lose the game. I was afraid of his ability to snipe out my characters with psychic powers, knock out my saves with death hex, buff his plague bearers up to 4 damage to wipe my grotesque units, and swat down my planes that landed anywhere within half a table of Magnus.

WA: Fourth match up?

JB: The fourth round was against Mark Perry and I did win 30 something to 20 something. I went second again and he charged Magnus straight up the table into one of my units of grotesque. He did get off all his buffing powers and death hexed the unit, so between his smite and melee attacks he knocked out 6 grotesque right off the bat. Since he didn’t get a kill, I fell back with the grotesque and focused on getting a unit kill on nurglings first, then I fired what shots I could into Magnus knocking off only a handful of wounds. 2nd turn he charged again into another fresh unit of grotesque but only killed 2 or 3 that time and again failed to wipe a unit. I fell back and poured everything I could into Magnus dragging him down which then opened up my jets a lot more to find spots to land and snipe characters. I lost a lot of my coven units this game, but between the third healthy unit and all the wracks I had I just kept pushing up the table knocking out characters and infantry where I could. If we played it again, I don’t think I’d win if he played Magnus more cautiously and just let his psychic powers do more of the work.

WA: Fifth match up?

JB: Final round was against John Lennon playing Genestealer Cult and Tyranids. This was my closest game of the event ending at 25-22. He won the roll-off and forced me to go first actually, which definitely made it harder for me to control the pace of bonus points through the game. Biggest moments in this matchup were me landing my jets above a building to shoot down into his hive guard which he didn’t expect (he assumed they were safe inside because the doors and windows block LOS) and me not knowing about his ability to look out sir. I threw a lot of resources at trying to snipe out a character but he was able to just pass off the wounds to the nearby unit which denied me a kill for a turn and put me on the big disadvantage point wise. It was also a big surprise when he dragged down one of my jets turn 1 with some hot carnifex shooting as I honestly thought I was in good shape to stop him from getting a kill turn 1 but he threw several strats at sealing the deal which was definitely the right play to make.

WA: Final roll up and placing? Having rehashed everything, what are your thoughts now?

JB: With it all said and done I was the only player to go 5-0 at the event and it was a brutal climb up through some exceptionally tough players. All of my opponents were really good players, but more importantly I enjoyed playing against all of them. I didn’t have any negative experiences/interactions with anyone there and I look forward to more games against all of them.

WA: What were some of the best tactics and combos that you saw at the event?

JB: I think the best tactics always come down to positioning. It’s correct movement, charging, piling in, and consolidating that wins games more than anything else.


WA: What did you think of the mission sets?

JB: I play the ITC champion missions a lot and I love them.

WA: What are you planning on changing in your list?

JB: Any changes to my list will come from more testing against Deathwatch and Imperial Knights. I think both armies will cause me a lot of problems and I expect to see a lot of them in the coming months so I have to plan out whether my list will still be viable at all once those hit the tables in full force.

WA: What’s next on your schedule?

JB: Next up, my fellow Brohammer players are in full practice mode getting ready for the ATC. We have our teams all set up we’re just still trying to finalize a few army lists thanks to the constantly changing meta.

WA: Any parting thoughts for the audience?

JB: If you’re interested in watching the final round of the Bayou Wars GT, check out their Facebook page Battle Brothers of the GCWA because they streamed it there. Also, I’ll be talking a bit more about the event on the Brohammer podcast which can be found on Youtube under the channel name “Brohammer 40k”. Many thanks to my Brohammer teammates for helping me win the event even though some of them were briefly my opponents in the tournament.

The only player to go 5-0 at a GT. The Worthiest Adversary sincerely appreciates the time of Jeff Biery. His efforts deliver upon the purpose of the Worthiest Adversary, to help expand and broaden the perspective of the audience into the competitive arena and the players therein. Congratulations to Jeff Biery on the well deserved win, to the Brohammer team for their joint success, and to the GCWA for the successful venture and effort to a very well received GT.



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