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Over the last few months, the Worthiest Adversary has encountered several amazing players along the war path. Every engagement introduces more great players and more awesome battlefields. Jeremy Applebaum is one such player, who is the Tournament Organizer for the Chicago Open 40K GT, and one of the voices to the Command Points Podcast. The event occurs next week at Grognard Games & Hobbies and is a two day tournament. Continue reading for the introduction from Jeremy himself!


My name is Jeremy Applebaum and I’m the head TO for the Chicago Open. I’ve been playing 40k for about 5-6 years at this point. My army of choice is Sisters of Battle! As of right now I think I’ve TO’d at least 30 events as well as the same event last year.

The Chicago Open is a 2 day, 2,000 point, ITC event. It is going to be on September 8th and 9th at Grongard Games and Hobbies in Roselle IL. One quick twist of the format though is that we are doing pure battle points instead of the W-L-D that is commonly seen in that mission format. What that means is that if you lose a game, then you can still win the event and we are hoping it encourages people to play fast and finish all their games as you are leaving points on the table!

What I like about this adapted format is that you can lose a close game and still win the event or do really well. In typical W-L-D events, people will drop after losing a game because they are “out”. Well, not here as every point counts!

I think some expected points of contention among players is really just finishing games. We will have chess clocks on hand and require the top 3 tables to use them after round 1 with the option for anyone else to use them if they so desire. Hopefully that will get every game to come to a natural or at least turn 5 conclusion. Nothing worse than losing a game because you didn’t finish it.

As for the Meta – I expect a lot of Imperial Soup and Chaos as those are the two most popular factions around these parts.

This is the second year for this event and we hope to make it a yearly or possibly bi-yearly event! Thanks for reading! I hope to see you guys make it out!

The Worthiest Adversary hopes everyone available can make it to the Chicago Open! This is an interesting time for the 40K Community as the meta is very dynamic for several armies and the shadow of a FAQ looms in hushed whispers and rumors. We all know to expect Chapter Approved in mid-November and with it, a Beta-codex for Sisters of Battle, of which the Adversary is sure that Jeremy cannot wait to get his hands on. Furthermore, if you have not been to a 40K GT or have just started, the Worthiest Adversary encourages everyone to get out and try their best because the only way a player is going to get better is if they learn! Consider every engagement a learning experience, win or lose, and thank the volunteer efforts of every TO and helping hand out there that provides these great environments for all of the players!

“These heretics refute the Emperor’s holy right to rule. Let them argue with the barrel of a gun.” – Canoness Sabine of the Order of Our Martyred Lady


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