The Nemesis


This is not the time for an origin story. I will save that uninteresting story for later.

But for now, I am the Worthiest Adversary. Not the worthiest, not yet. But I intend on it.

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): I want to capture not just my personal journey but the endeavors at multiple levels of players at each event that I am attending for the rest of the 2018 ITC season.

This is not just a personal journal of my experiences as another player of Warhammer 40k. I will capture bring and interview all sorts of players, given their consent and participation (of course), to light, and the efforts they have taken to achieve what they might. I do not have any long term or immediate standing as a victor or champion. There is absolutely nothing special about me. If anything, I am a rather unassuming fellow, but beyond my local RTTs, here is my warpath to LVO 2019:

2-3JUN The Warlord’s Crucible @ Hard Knox Games in Elizabeth Town, KY (GT, Not ITC)
9-10JUN The Louisville Slugga @ Heroes Comics & Gaming in Louisville, KY (MAGS ITC GT)
7-8JUL The Circle City GT @ Family Time Games in Indianapolis, IN (MAGS ITC GT)
13-15JUL American Team Championship @ Chattanooga, TN (ITC Major)
3-5AUG GENCON @ Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN (MAGS ITC Major)
31AUG-2SEP Nova Open @ Hyatt Regency Hotel in Arlington, VA (ITC Major)
14-16SEP Warzone: Come the Apocalypse @ Dothan, AL (ITC GT)
27-28OCT Barnyard Brawl Fall Event @ Knights of Siena, Greenville, SC (ITC GT)
9-11NOV Warzone: Atlanta @ Atlanta, GA (ITC Major)
8-10FEB Las Vegas Open 2019 @ Bally’s Casino (ITC Major)

I have met plenty of good and some great friends through 40k and I’ve met some okay to amazing to the truly best players. I have no doubt, given the schedule above that I am likely to have a pairing against many more. Some of those are aspiring for the best, the top tier, the championship. Others are more concerned with having a good time than winning. All good and welcome. I look forward to every game before me.

Beyond that, a shout out to Adam Abramowicz, host of The Best General Podcast. His endeavors on his show contributed to the motivation behind this platform. I have joked with a spare few at the mention of his Podcast that Adam unknowingly has his own nemesis, in the best spirited way, toward his goal of achieving Best General at Warzone: Atlanta. Someone else made the joke, “yeah, you and everyone else think they’re his nemesis…” I laughed maniacally a little before I then put my mind to this, a blog.

Let the Galaxy burn. — Horus Lupercal

Author: The Worthiest Adversary

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