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libraryI just don’t like the way I sound when I hear my own voice. Enough so that I would find myself hard pressed to consider regular attendance in a podcast if I was even invited to begin with. But I think a lot of podcasts out there are great and worth listening to. I am also a fiend for information. I would rather receive as much information, news, statistics, etc. and sort through it myself than know that someone withheld degrees of information because they thought it unneeded. Call it the bureaucrat in me. So, here’s a small tangent regarding my work and where I move every few years, which enables me to engage and become great friends in different regions with all sorts of awesome 40k players. The wonders of technology allow us to stay in touch and compare notes. Between that and what everyone publishes or records, I would say there is a healthy amount of information out there for anyone with the time.

The list I am providing below is by no means prioritized in any sort of order but I hope enables someone in their quest for some information. If a reader out there notices a good podcast that they would recommend that is not on my list, by all means, recommend away. I have not found a podcast that I will not listen to yet on 40k.

Allies of Convenience
Forge the Narrative

Come the Apocalypse
Frontline Gaming
Veterans of the Long War
Splintermind: Dark Eldar Podcast
Best in Faction Podcast
Facing the Grey Tide Podcast
The Best General, A Warhammer 40k Podcast
The Independent Characters Warhamer 40k Podcast

Websites and other blogs that I follow for the hobby and tactica are listed below.

Battle Brothers of the GCWA
The Glacial Geek

The Dark Artisan

Bell of Lost Souls

Spikey Bits

Gamza the Eternal

Field of Fire Gaming

Invasive Wargaming 40k
Purge the Alien

The Brown Magic


Blog for the Blood God

The Crossroads

Glasshammer Gaming
Extreme Table Top Gaming

Tactnetgaming Blog

Sites I follow for painting and hobby information are provided below:

Ironheaded Painting
Model Magic Studio
Beyond the Brush Studios
(Currently under construction)
Secret Weapon Miniatures

Lil Legend Studio

Fear This Kustoms

This is a living post and I will continue to update it accordingly. I will also add a section on other blogs and places where articles are posted.

And yes, I do follow all of these simultaneously.

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance. – Ahzek Ahriman

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